Security is all the rage these days. You collect data, you need to make sure it’s safe and sound stored on your system. Also, for those collecting data on European residents – there is the problem of being GDPR compliant with data storage and of course reporting any security breaches. Hackers are getting more and more sophisticated in methods they use to get people’s data. You’re responsible and must protect it at all costs.

We can examine your current systems, look for potential holes and access points where hackers can exploit the latest vulnerabilities to access your network and then do damage. If you have had a breach, we can help you with reporting and dealing the European Union to make sure you’re complaint with GDPR rules and regulations. We can help you pre-plan in case of a breach and make sure all your staff is fully aware of what to do when a breach occurs. We can help advise all your employees on potential scams and ways hackers can access data and information on your network.

Keep in mind not all breaches are hacks. At times scammers can do simply things like send an email and if a person clicks on a link it installs malicious software and then hijack a machine to do lots of things. It isn’t always data they want. They may want to access your machine to mine and work with cypto-currencies. Why, well doing this takes a vast amount of electricity and server resources – by hijacking your machine to do this – you pay the bills for their activity.

Security is an area that is always going and changing and it will get more and more sophisticated as time goes on and technology improves. You need to protect yourself not only from the EU with GDPR rules, but your company’s good name and reputation you’ve spent years building. With one scam it could be all gone. We can advise all staff on simple rules for using email, the web, how to spot scams and of course protecting your system. We can start right from the start running security  and penetration tests to make sure your system is protected from any and all leaks.